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AUG Sep 2003
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Etienne Andrew


As a goodbye to Mischief, we are making an update to the art section, in it you'll find the final three panels of actual comic I drew (which was done on a computer drawing tablet for the very first time) which turned out great, and the last three panels ever storyboarded (also done with the tablet). I'd like to apologize to everyone who liked Mischief and will miss it, I'm sorry it didn't work out.

Mischief started as an experiment about a year ago. I'd been working on a comic book style project for over seven years, and it was coming together finally, and I was looking at my options for publishing it, and the internet was the favoured of the available mediums. But I had certain uncertainties that needed to be dealt with, so it was proposed that I start with some new less ambitious comic strip style project, with comedy in mind instead of my more developed action oriented plots. Knowing he was the best choice for comedy, I arranged a production partnership with Andrew, and Mischief was quickly created from scratch.

I call it an experiment because I was only doing it to gauge audience approval of my art, and to give me practice with the comic storytelling techniques that i needed. Andrew loved working on Mischief with me, so when I started to become dissatisfied with the work, I kept it to myself and kept on plugging away at it. The comic I'd spent over seven years on, and loved working on, and that dominated my everyday thoughts, stagnated and was left to the sidelines for Mischief, which I never really related to.

The character designs were good I feel, the set up was decent, but it wasn't the kind of thing I actually wanted to be doing. I didn't care about the characters as people, I never worried about them and they did nothing for me as an artist. I ended up putting off working on it, it had become a chore, which was a first. I'd never shunned any of my other projects, but working on Mischief had become oppressive.

The six month delay in finishing the halloween special was a big reflection of this, and I'm surprised that we made as much of a come back as we did. In the end I just had to level with Andrew, and thank God he understood. I'm proud of what we accomplished here, and working with Andrew was a real treat, but I didn't enjoy working on the actual artwork all that much, and it robbed me completely of everything I enjoyed drawing instead. So, we've put Mischief to bed, and will be beginning a new project in the future that we will both enjoy equally, yet won't take all that much time away from my other projects.

If you want to see examples of my non-mischief art, just head down to Sevensided and check out the Newportsburg section, it's not that much so far but it'll grow over time, and I'm presently developing a new personal webpage to showcase everything I'm working on, including Andrew's and my next project together, so I'll post it's address here and on Sevensided when it's done.

Stop Looking at Me!



I can't think of anything to say. I miss this already.


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